Cape Kidnappers

Cape Kidnappers

The Cape Kidnappers Golf Course is located in Hawke’s Bay. The American designer, Tom Doak, who is also well known for his prize-winning courses in the US, has said that, ‘If Cape Kidnappers were a book it would be an epic. Enjoy your game and enjoy the setting (because) you may never play golf somewhere like this again’.

Like Kauri Cliffs, Cape Kidnappers plays above the ocean, atop dramatic cliffs. But unlike Kauri Cliffs, where the shape of the land dictates play along the shoreline, this course runs to and from the edge. Cape Kidnappers is built on a ridge-and-valley landscape with spectacular sea views. In 2004, Travel & Leisure Golf named Cape Kidnappers “Course of the Year”. In 2013 the course was placed #35 by the “Top Golf Courses of the World” and #38 in the world by Golf Magazine.

Caddies and electric carts are available at Cape Kidnappers.

DESIGNER: Tom Doak (There are five tee positions on each hole)

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