Te Arai South

Te Arai South

At Te Arai Links we have been given a great gift, a uniquely special site for golf, comprised of sand dunes and landforms sculpted by the wind, adjacent to the sea. Te Arai’s landforms vary from heaving sand ridges and meandering valleys to rumpled contours reminiscent of the classic seaside links on which the game began. These contours are the foundation and inspiration for the golf holes of Te Arai Links.

The holes are as varied in appearance and character as the land itself. There are highly individualistic, some might even say, quirky holes like the shortish par fours at three, six and sixteen, each reflecting the drama and unique character of the landforms that created their concepts. There are more traditional yet equally dramatic holes like the inland second, the tenth and eleventh; and there are the visually spectacular seaside holes at seven, eight, nine and fifteen through eighteen. There are lengthy holes and finesse holes. There are holes with varying shapes and sizes, with character and golf strategies based upon the natural contours we discovered on site.

The South Course at Te Arai Links has sixteen ocean view golf holes and eight holes bordering directly on the sea. Without question, it is a photogenic and visually stunning golf course.

Te Arai South has become a bucket list course for golfer around the world and with the addition of a second course at Te Arai North, it is fast becoming one of the world's premier golfing destinations.

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